“Since opening her first shop in 2008, Julia Gogosha has developed into one of the most important, forward thinking independant opticians in the USA. As a long-standing curator for the most interesting and avant-garde eyewear she is not only strong in her home country, but has now reached a global following.

From the first moment we approached her she returned so much positive and creative energy that it literally blew us away. She loved our concept and we loved her. Julia is a great person, a creative pioneer who sheds light on “one-of-a-kind” eyewear. For us, it was clear immediately that a collaboration with Julia would bring exciting results. Entwining our creative DNA with hers is allowing us to bring a truly new and unique experience to eyewear lovers.

Working with Julia is energizing, challenging and fun. In these turbulent times her strong spirit has been both refreshing and inspiring, helping us to keep looking forwards. We are really excited about continuing on this journey together and seeing what the future holds.”

Guillaume Thuau 
BAARS’ co-founder & Creative Director

The Collab’ /

As much an object as it is eyewear. Baars’ patented magnetic connection, along with SLS technology, allows for limitless possibilities. Baars worked with Julia Gogosha to create the dimensional, sculptural elements that, until now, have been limited in conventional materials and construction. With its no waste production, this collaboration bridges familiarity with modernity. A visual and tactile sense of play and discovery.

Rephrasing our relationship with the object of eyewear. Familiar everyday forms inspired by daily architectural details, commonly expressed through wood and ceramic, translating the inspiration to the temples. Focusing on a neutral palette allows the wearer to be the focus when the frame is worn. The moment you touch the frame you are connected to its sense of play and simplicity. Unpretentious and unpredictable. Surprise and delight, and even a sense of relief; one less thing to worry about. Wear them daily or occasionally. As a daily statement or as a sporadic surprise.
Equal part utility and play.



The attraction to BAARS was immediate and magnetic. Holding the frames in my hands the very first time I knew i was holding the future of eyewear. The simple ingenuity of the magnetic connection component as If it has always been.”

“First a smile and then a giggle transformed to a full laugh. Pure elation. I was literally playing with the frames! Twirling and fidgeting with the temples just because I could. Equal parts utility and play. Need and want.

When presented with the opportunity to design a capsule collection, I knew, for the first, time we could create what had only existed in my imagination. Sending crude sketches of my dream frames. Baars interpreted and executed my ideas to perfection. Utilizing selective laser sintering technology, we could create these pieces with mindful, no-waste production
Baars creates familiar, understated shapes. To align our designs with their core brand I focused on familiar, face friendly shapes, fitting most any composition of features. Working tirelessly on proportions and bridge fit, we achieved designs both unique and universal.

Dimensional, textured, graphic, tactile and beautiful. Familiar in form, but never before seen in eyewear design. The temples which are the most distinct component of the frames are inspired by ceramics, woodturning and glassworks.”


Jimmy Marble /


Julia introduced to us the idea to work with Jimmy Marble for this collaboration. What we felt when we saw his fabulous work was joy, fun, excitement, style, humor, play, warmth … and it was immediately clear that we simply had to ask Jimmy to join our project. We had no idea if he would accept as Jimmy has worked with many renowned clients, and we “only” had this “unknown” project. When Julia finally informed us that he agreed to shoot our campaign we were totally thrilled.

“When Julia reached out to me for this shoot, I remember the original plan was a much more standard eyewear shoot — glasses on a model in a cool location, etc.

But after seeing the frames and getting inspired through Julia’s excitement and enthusiasm for them as objects, we quickly pivoted to a shoot that would feature the glasses as subjects of a still life.
I brought on Brandon Clark and Honor Hamilton, two of my favorite prop stylists, to help create unique, art-history driven setups for the frames to exist in. The frames themselves can conjure so many different eras of art — Brancusi comes to mind, the arts and crafts movement, all the way to Memphis.

There’s a timeless quality we wanted to capture with the series. The shoot itself was a fluid conversation from beginning to end between Julia, Brandon, Honor and myself, improvising and enjoying the process, moving on when we loved where we landed, and starting over when we felt we missed.”



Unique /

Our BAARSxGOGOSHA capsule collection is comprised of 4 neutral colors, inspired by 3 warm skin tones (Coffee, Hazel, Dune) and a cool Clay. All neutral, distinct and personal.

The lense colors we created, not only work in harmony with the frame colors and are lovely to look through, they also maintain the intimacy of eye contact during conversation, while still being protected from UV rays.
Our inaugural production is limited to 100 pieces in total, available at the top optical boutiques in the world.



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